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Radial Pressure Wave - RPW

Radial Pressure Wave Therapy is a therapy treatment utilizing ultrasound technology to send high-energy radial pressure waves (RPWs) to the site of chronic pain.

At the most basic level, RPW therapy stimulates new cell growth. It increases blood flow, stimulates muscle repair and regeneration, and increases metabolization at the cellular level.

How it helps

Chronic Pain

When you experience chronic pain, your body no longer recognizes there is an injury to that area. As a result, it shuts down the healing process and you feel no relief.

The sound waves from this therapy penetrate deep through soft tissue, reaching a microtrauma or inflammatory condition reactivating the body’s natural healing response.

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RPW Therapy

applications include:

  • chronic back pain
  • chronic neck pain
  • knee pain
  • shoulder pain
  • elbow pain
  • myofascial trigger points
  • pain and inflammation in orthopedic conditions
  • various musculoskeletal diseases
  • herniated, bulging, or degenerative discs
  • plantar fasciitis
  • chronic headaches
  • neck or back injuries from a car crash

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How fast does

RPW Therapy work?

Most patients get results within the first few hours of the initial treatment. Follow up treatments are necessary for longer lasting results.

The recommendation for most patients is 4-6 treatments about once per week then follow-up as needed. Every patient is different and we customize the treatment based on your specific situation.

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How long

does the appointment take?

Your initial consultation will begin by completing a brief intake form for the Doctor to review. He’ll discuss your concerns with you as well as explain how the treatment works and what to expect.

The treatment takes about 15 minutes from start to finish.

For your first appointment, you should be in and out of our office in about 30 minutes.

How much

does RPW cost?

The initial consultation and first treatment is only $99.

Follow-up treatments are $69;

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Radial pressure wave is not covered by any insurance.

Back Pain

What people are saying about Radial Pressure Wave

“My neck pain was not going away. It was difficult to turn my head when driving and frustrating to do other basic things. I tried radial pressure wave and minutes after the first treatment my range of motion was almost back to normal. I couldn’t believe how fast this treatment worked! I had a few follow-up treatments and the neck pain has not come back.”

Michelle D.

Radial Pressure Wave was amazing. After my first treatment, I went home that day feeling like I had a brand new leg. Right away, I felt the pain subside around my knee cap and down to my ankle.


“I have had 3 radial wave pressure treatments now and its absolutely amazing! It has worked to improve my pain and mobility. I highly recommend it!!”


(Since radial pressure wave) I don't feel as limited in what I can do. My movement is more fluid and I don't feel I move as slowly as I'm not as stiff anymore. I definitely will continue to do this as a maintenance routine.

Chris G.

My Shoulder has made wonderful progress with Pressure Wave Therapy!! Pain has been reduced significantly and supported the healing in my shoulder. I can move my arm around much better with little pain and my range of motion continues to improve with treatment.

Sandy P.

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